Privacy Policy

Zappallas Inc (hereinafter referred to as the “Company/Our/We”) recognizes the importance of personal information and ensures that it is protected, we do all the thing possible to protect personal information , keeping in mind all the items below, so that the customer can use our services comfortably.

Purpose of utilization of the personal information
We collect information from person (hereinafter referred to as the “personal information”) such as e-mail address, name, birth date etc. for the purpose of utilization of company’s sales, services introduction, answering inquiries, in-house survey and research. However, for some other limited purpose of utilization which specify on our individual website, the purpose of utilization is as specify on website.

Scope of utilization of personal information
We use the personal information collected only within the scope of the purpose of utilization as specified and will not use for any other way.

Proper management of personal information
We keep accuracy and updated condition of personal information, and will take necessary and proper measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage, and for other security control.

Observance of the laws ,JIS Q1501 and in-house regulations etc.
We observe personal information laws and 「personal information protection management system -requirement(JIS Q15001:2006)」etc. , and also follow the in-house regulations to manage the personal information properly.

Provision and use of personal information
We will not, except in the laws or other sufficient reasons , provide personal information to the third party without obtaining the prior consent of the person. In addition, regarding providers, that have a signed non disclosure agreement with us, we will take necessary and adequate measures to manage the personal information strictly based on our policy.

Guideline for Conducting protection of personal Information
We place “compliance management representative” and clarify its role, and have the system established so compliance management representative can conduct their activities for the protection of the personal information properly, and also ensure the employee are educated.

Restriction of access to the database environment
We limit access to the database environment to strengthen personal information protection.

Review and improvement of outsourcing business
We will review and improve our outsourcing business so it will be more considerate to protection of the personal information. When outsourcing business contract is signed, we fully review the eligibility of our partner company, and the content of the contract is in consideration of protection of the personal information.

Maintenance and improvement of internal audit system
We develop an internal audit system to find out whether the protection of the personal information is done properly or not. We are considering to establish internal audit system using the access log, as it thought to be effective to prevent the leakage of the personal information by early detection of the person who caused the leakage which also have deterrent effect.

Other general notes
If the personal information on the Internet is voluntarily disclosed, please note that there is a possibility that your informations may be used by other persons. If you post your personal information, note that it is in the responsibility of own. The third party or organizations that have access through our link, such as other websites, services, companies that gain data through sales promotions or give away prizes, have their own terms regarding protection of personal information and data collection. We are not taking any responsibility or liability regarding those independent activities or terms.

Continuous improvement of personal information protection management system
Regard to the handling of personal information, based on periodical audit results, etc. representatives will continuously improve personal information protection management system.
We promise that we will continue to maintain and improve the protection activities and initiatives in items stated in this privacy policy.

Disclosure or complaints/consultations
For disclosure or complaints/consultations regarding the handling of our personal informations , please contact our customer services.

Customer Services
Phone : 03-6434-1036