Japanese summer & manners

Learn fun “manners” and “japanese summer”!

Let’s learn about manners and life events of summer in Japan.

[Scene of manners]
There are not defend manners “being bad”. I’ll note by tapping If you find a bad child!
[Summer scene]
Let’s tap the item and character! It is what happens kana?

Let’s fun with cute characters!

iPhone/iPad | Japanese | [free]

How To Play

  • Learn fun seasonal events and manners along with the monkey family!

  • Pick your favorite scene, the game start! (Free only “Manner” scene)

  • Tap If you find a bad child! Let’s give fix correctly with care.

  • Character appeared to come to the end of the scene. You guided me to the next scene when you tap.

  • Let’s tap the various places also other characters! What wonder happen?

For “notebook”

  • I tap the “teacher with a notebook”

  • You can, activities and seasonal manners, to learn at any time in this handbook