“Christmas” Santa and Dwarf’s

Find mistake Christmas is fun! The song has also been recorded!

When trying annoy novice Santa, dwarf’s will start to mischief in the city.
Find the mistakes that have been naughty, let’s give help novice Santa.
Concentration and powers of observation is attached to body.
Let’s sing together cute original theme song!

iPhone/iPad | Japanese | [$2.99]

How To Play

  • Tap the “play”!

  • Pick your favorite scene, the game start!

  • First of all, I enjoyed reading the story

  • The attempt to find a funny prank, Sagashimono, the chef of pygmy us!

  • Sagashimono list comes out when you tap the button

For “reading”

  • Tap the “Reading”! I can off of the voice note button

  • You can read the original story of “Santa Claus Ichi-nensei”!

For “Original Song”

  • Tap the “Santa button dancing!”

  • It is possible to listen to the original song “Santa Claus Ichi-nensei”!

For “Santa notebook”

  • Tap the “Santa notebook!”

  • And learn about Christmas!