Dwarf’s Sound Restaurant

Just playing with cute characters, pitch nature and get to wear!

Enjoy and repeat everyday, then your ear for music is trained. Congraturate your kid over again and again when he/she answer correctly!

Get the in-game character to eat food with the same sound as you hear at the beginning of the game. If you memorize the chord of each food, try to answer without listning to the sound of it.

Change at Setteings screen. You can try and enjoy from any level. But your training will go on smoothly and find this app very interesting if you start at Beginner and proceed to the next when you answer 90% correctly.

iPhone/iPad | Japanese/English | [free]

How To Play

  • Start by tapping the big door!

  • Select your friends to play with

  • First of all, I listen carefully, the sound of a role model

  • Look for the same sound as a role model …

  • I’ll eat!

  • Let’s Praise by pressing the stamp when finished

  • Day played will be recorded in the calendar

About level

  • You can choose the level in the configuration screen

  • There are four stages in total level

About the nursery rhyme

  • You can remember singing nursery rhyme because it is with lyrics♪