Popular characters appeared in folk tales!

Children also chairs our chair of the city that appeared to adults also love “Mii wearing!” Is, appeared to become Mukashibanashi picture book character! Funny Sabo’s is reading let the children because they are also a big pleasure!
“Grateful Crane (Free)” is “Urashima Taro” educational app that can enjoy a three story of “N rice ball effortlessly” as chair of the city version Mukashibanashi. Grated-recording for the purposes of the present application, is a television and can not be seen in the DVD “Mii wearing it!” Original picture book. Is not just a picture book look, please enjoy the digital picture book that you play by pressing a stamp.

iPhone/iPad/Android | Japanese/English | [free]

How to read the picture book

  • Let’s tap the horse with a picture book you want to read

  • Music and narration when I heard, it is the beginning of the story

How to Play 1:Let stamped

  • Let’s tap the Edit button in the upper right

  • When you tap the triangle button, the story will play from where it was stopped

  • Let’s press on wherever you like to choose a stamp

  • Press the stamp freely, let’s try to make a picture book of your own

  • Stamp note is on, you will hear a sound when you play the picture book

How to Play 2:Let’s Tap

  • Let’s tap the characters and items that appear in picture book