Create your own picture book.

Picture storybook on which you can place stickers
A little different from ordinary picture book
The pictures are drawn on a disc and go around slowly as a story goes.
You can create your own world, putting stickers, painting and adding sound while stopping a story.

iPhone/iPad | Japanese/English | [free]

How to read the picture book

  • Let’s tap the horse with a picture book you want to read

  • Music and narration when I heard, it is the beginning of the story

How to Play 1:Let stamped

  • Let’s tap the Edit button in the upper right

  • When you tap the triangle button, the story will play from where it was stopped

  • Let’s press on wherever you like to choose a stamp

  • Press the stamp freely, let’s try to make a picture book of your own

How to Play 2:Let’s put a color

  • Next let’s tap the button in the lower right marks

  • Changes color when you tap the stamp and choose the color

  • It mixes with the color of the original, it will be the color you chose when you tap twice when one taps

  • Let’s try it with a lot of color, you can either become any color

How to Play 3:Let’s put the sound

  • Next let’s tap the note button at the bottom right

  • Various sound is assigned when you tap the stamp and select the note

  • Let’s try the sound will change every time you tap

How to record book

  • Let’s tap the menu button in the upper left

  • Let’s tap the Save button

  • You can edit the title of the original, let’s save it stamped on the cover

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