Graphic play of MEMO and NOTE “word picture book”

“Words” is fun. Let’s remember the “Words” by playing it or choose

Side by side by selecting the Hiragana two, let’s create a word that is meaningful.
Correct words when make, illustrations representing the words will come out. Let’s give to eat the rabbit hiragana do not need.

iPhone/iPad | Japanese | [free]

How To Play

  • Tap the “play”!

  • And earn one character likes apples in ①

  • Let’s make the words that make sense to put the apple in the ②

  • Once you make the correct words, illustrations will appear

  • I to eat in character character that does not need

And “word picture book” and “stamp”

  • You can review a “picture book” word you have created!

  • When you create a word, stamp will be added

For “word”

  • English word is displayed when you tap the words. Let memorize together!