Kid’s Doctor

Get to know the illness, injury or trouble of a familiar body from “play doctor”!

There are a lot of unwell patients in the hospital as always.
Are they injured? Or are they sick?
Let’s find out what the cause of a fault is with examination equipments!
At first, check an interview sheet!
・Sleeping well?
・Eating healthy?
・Brushed your teeth?
Check patient’s everyday life.
Take patient’s temperature and let’s start an examination!
Germs do bad things and patients get thorns.
Treat patients until they feel a hundred percent better!
When you examnine all patients in the waiting room, today’s work is done.
Again tomorrow!

iPhone/iPad/Android | Japanese/English | [free]

How To Play

  • Start by tapping the big triangle!

  • Morning is coming to the hospital

  • Let’s call by tapping the patients to examination

  • Patients sick is coming to the examination room

  • Check the lives of everyday of the patients in the questionnaire!

For examination method

  • First, let’s see what does not seem to have changed in patients

  • Let’s drag it to the patients medical items

  • Lamp with it’s correct treatment in healthy patients!

About how to find the illness or injury

  • Let’s tap the respective buttons

  • You can try to expand the various locations of the body through a magnifying glass

  • Look carefully, and in the body, so you find a bad place!

  • Let’s find a disease, such as reference to a variety of information in the questionnaire

  • Hint may come out from time to time and suffering!

  • Complete examination lamp when I got everything!

  • Hospital also break After all examination patients. Also tomorrow!