Kid’s Animal Doctor

Find out disease and make your animals healty!

There are a lot of unwell animals in the hospital as always.

Are they injured? Or are they sick?
Let’s find out what the cause of a fault is with examination equipments!

Germs do bad things and patients get thorns.
Treat patients until they feel a hundred percent better!
When you examnine all animals in the waiting room, today’s work is done.
Again tomorrow!

iPhone/iPad | Japanese/English | [$2.99]

How To Play

  • Start by tapping the big triangle!

  • Morning is coming to the hospital

  • Let’s call by tapping the patients to examination

  • Animals sick is coming to the examination room

  • Examination finally start After you tap the balloon!

For examination method

  • Let’s first look at whether there is a state that has changed in animal

  • Let’s drag the animal medical items

  • Animals perk abloom it’s correct treatment!

About how to find the illness or injury

  • Let’s tap the respective buttons

  • ①Magnifying glass you can see an enlarged view of various locations of the body

  • Good look and in the body, so you find a bad place!

  • ②Shower will be able to clean and wash the animal

  • ③X-ray will be able to see the bones in the body

  • Hint may come out from time to time and suffering!

  • Hospital also break After examination the animals. Also tomorrow!