World’s girls fashion

Make up and coordinate the girls all over the world!

You can enjoy dressing and coordinating 13 countries’ national dresses!
Start with choosing a dress, headwear, accessories, and shoes. Then go to
the powder room.
In the powder room, you can make up the character as you like, arranging
hairstyle, eyebrows, eyelashes, blush only by the tapping operation.

When the dress-up and make-up are done, choose scenery among the sceneries
in the world and take a picture.
You can also take a picture with other characters together that you dressed
Dress up everyone and enjoy taking lovely pictures!

This app is a new-style fashion app that you can enjoy by learning world’s
national costumes and culture.

iPhone/iPad | Japanese/English/Indonesian | [free]

How To Play

  • Start by tapping the big triangle!

  • Turn to the right and left the earth, Let’s choose the girl

  • When you tap the flags at the back of the girl …

  • You can see the national costume and scenery of the country

  • If you find a girl you like, tap the girl!

Let Kigaeyo

  • Let’s tap the button of clothes

  • You can choose freely clothes you want to dress

  • Now we’ll try to tap a button on the hats and shoes

  • As you move up and down the shelves, you can choose the item more

  • Let’s try to drag select the desired item

Let’s make

  • Let’s tap the button to make room

  • Let’s tap the various places of the parts of the face and hair!

  • Enjoy you can see it or be in any look!

Let’s take a commemorative photo

  • Let’s tap the button on the airplane on the screen

  • Select your favorite places around the world by tapping the lower left of the airplane

  • Pick a girl, and try to drag in the scenery

  • Commemorative photo by pressing the camera button! Photo will be saved.