English Ears

Listen to and understand English and acquire “English Ears”!

This is a new English-learning app, focusing on the listenig, not reading and writing!
The recommended age for the app is set from two to adults.
Even if you don’t understand the meaning, because it’s easy to use the app and to listen to English, you can easily get used to the sound of English.

This app contains a lot of words and sentences related to daily lives so that you can feel familiar with English.

By expose yourself to English at an early age when it is easy to acquire “English ears”, try to acquire native speakers’ pronounciations!

iPhone/iPad | Japanese/English | [free]

How To Play

  • Start by tapping the big sign of Eigomimi!

  • Select your type of English you want to hear

  • Let’s start with cicerone as “Jenny”!

  • Jenny is a question to apartment dwellers

  • Tap the window, you will find the residents are talking about the same thing

Check! Eigomimi! About

  • Tap the sign of “check! Eigomimi!”

  • I will continue to learn English pronunciation of confusing

  • We are speaking the same words Jenny, kana residents of Which?

  • Confusing English commentary firmly!

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