Graphic play of MEMO and NOTE “which”

Which 1? Here? Training of dynamic visual acuity to discern!

The distinguish the two items are similar, try to be put in your out of each.
You must identify in an instant, and characters items that appear while moving. Judgment or momentary reflexes is attached to the body. It is difficult even adults! ?
2nd form of play!
I can play happily with cute illustrations of Nakamura Mitsuru illustrator familiar in the series “and notes memo”.

iPhone/iPad | Japanese | [$1.99]

How To Play

  • Let’s choose a star are marked numbers in order from 1

  • And select the desired step, game start!

  • Let’s give put by dragging your out to discern the character of the two, it was decided

  • You must identify the number that is specified respectively in time

  • The instantly recognizable, and attempt to clear all the steps!